What we do!


It really is very simple.  We basically make our investors more money.  We do this by taking our clients investment capital and using it to acquire various stocks which we believe are due to increase in value, thus making good returns on investment.  The important element of our work is that we only make money if our clients make money.  So a bad month for our clients is also a terrible month for ourselves and vice versa.  We look at providing on average between 5 and 10% returns on capital invested.  This is a very good monthly return, especially as our clients investment grows in value and they haven’t had to lift a finger to get it.

How do we make money?

Well, we are good at getting consistent results and for us to make money we have to make sure all investments yield a return on anything higher than 5%.  We can then pay ourselves whilst also meeting our clients expected returns.

How does it work?

As a client, you can invest your money for as long as you wish as long you allow us to work with your investment for a minimum of one month prior to having your money returned.  We hope our clients stay for longer as it means we can focus our attention on making their account grow to a substantial return.

How much does a client need to invest?

We currently do not deal with account sizes less than £1,000.  The more capital invested, the larger the returns will be, meaning we both make more money.  This does not mean that we do not value those clients who wish to invest a lower amount, but at the same time we will only work with an allocated amount of small accounts, and we will be honest with you from the start as to whether or not we can realistically focus on a small account.  This all depends on the time of year and the amount of accounts we are holding at the time.

Is it worth it?

Well unless you own a pay day loan company, there are not too many places to invest money which make decent returns on a monthly basis.  So in short, yes it is definitely worthwhile.

Do I need knowledge of markets etc.

No knowledge is required.  All we need is for our clients to be honest and realistic with us and able to discuss when needed any issues or concerns.


Thank you for visiting us and feel free to get in touch.

David Moss